The Nordic Eating Disorders Society (NEDS)

The Nordic Eating Disorders Society (NEDS) started as an initiative from the three national eating disorders societies in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and had its constituent meeting in Stockholm, May 23rd, 1997. In addition, people from Finland and Iceland take part in the activities. Recently, a collaboration with people in Estonia have started.

NEDS consists of three national divisions, i.e. the Norwegian, the Danish, and the Swedish Society of Eating Disorders, respectively. Each national society has its own board elected from national members. Besides that, the NEDS has its own board elected from all national members in the three Nordic countries.

Professor Jan H. Rosenvinge (N) is the present board chairman. Board members and suppleants are dr. Stein Frostad (N), dr. Ulf Wallin (S), dr. Kristian Rokkedal (DK), dr. Einar Vedul-Kjelsås (N), Riitta Holmer (S), leg. psykoterapeut Barbro Johansson (S), dr. Susanne Lunn (DK),ernæringsfysiolog, dr. med. vet Gisela van der Ster (S) and dr. Eva Christiansen (DK).

Contact information for the NEDS

Professor and chairman Jan H. Rosenvinge
Department of Psychology
University of Tromsø,
9037 Tromsø,


The Society has as its main object to develop and systematise the knowledge about eating disorders and improve the treatment methods for these disorders. This objective is attained by:

  • Promoting and supporting research in the field, especially research that implies co-operation among treatment/research units in the Nordic countries.
  • Promoting and supporting co-operation among treatment units in the Nordic countries and among these and researchers in the field.
  • Working to make existing and new knowledge available to all members of the Society.
  • Promoting contacts with corresponding organisations outside the Nordic countries.
  • Serving as a forum for new contacts and the dissemination and exchange of ideas and experiences among people in the Nordic countries, who in different ways work professionally with eating disorders.

The main activities for the society are to arrange the Nordic Eating Disorders Conference, which take place every two years in different Nordic Countries, were the national eating disorders societies are the local hosts. These conferences have as their main purpose to present activities within the Nordic countries.