«Welcome to the 12th Nordic Eating Disorder Conference in Reykjavik, Iceland in september 2018!»
Les videre velkomsten som er sendt ut sentralt fra lederen i det islandske selskap for spiseforstyrrelser.

Dear friends and colleagues !

It is aur pleasure to welcome you to Reykjavik, to the first ever held Nordic Eating Disorder Conference in lceland, next September 12th to the 14th 2018. It is an exciting time for aur tiny lcelandic Eating Disorders Association as we are learning from and collaborating with the experienced Nordic Eating Disorder Society. The theme ofthe conference is Eating Disorders versus Healthy Lifestyle and we have many excellent speakers in the program. We hope you will all participate and take note that abstract submission apens on the December 15th.

Throughout the conference, we ask you to stay engaged and to network with other eating disorders professionals. While you are here, please take as well time to enjoy what aur country and aur wonderfu l nature has to offer. Whether you like city life or wild life, you can definitely find it in lceland the days befare or after the conference.

Registration is now open and we want to encourage you to plan your visit in good time toget better prices on flights and accommodation. For accommodation there are other options than hotels or guesthouses, like Airbnb.com and Reykjavik apartments that are worth checking out.

With our best wishes for an enjoyable and successfu/ conference. We look forward to seeing you in
Reykjavik next year. For further information please check aur website http://nedsconference.com/

On behalf ofthe organizing committee
Reykjavik December gth 2017