Dear all in the NIG ED, sport and exercise group!
I have the pleasure to invite you to a lunch webinar Thursday June 13th from 12.00 – 13.00:
Title: Exercise in treatment of eating disorders: clinical experiences from the psychologist

  • Presenter: Dr. Klara Edlund, PhD, Clinical psychologist and researcher at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
  • Chair: Leader of NIG ED, sport and exercise Solfrid Bratland-Sanda, PhD, Associate professor at University of South-Eastern Norway, Norway

About Dr. Edlund:

Klara Edlund (Foto: Aftonbladet)

I’m a clinical psychologist, licensed psychotherapist, certified clinical supervisor in cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and associated professor. I have worked with eating disorders – in every possible approach – for 25 years now. That includes epidemiological studies of risk factors for developing eating disorders in school girls, development and implementation of new CBT treatment protocols for patients with obesity and co-morbid eating disorders, clinical work with patients with eating disorders etc etc. I work with elite athletes with eating disorders and I am a clinical supervisor at specialized treatment units for eating disorders. I am currently working with the research group MUSIC  (Musculoskeletal & Sports Injury Epidemiology Center) at Karolinska Institutet – starting up what will be the world’s largest cohort study on modifiable risk factors for mental illness and pain among university students. I also work clinically at my own private practice in Uppsala, Sweden. My main work is with clients with eating disorders and the majority of my clients are athletes.

Dr. Edlund will give her presentation of approximately 40 minutes, and then there will be possibilities for questions and discussion. In our last webinar (December 2017) we only used written questions, but this time we will try to use oral questions as well.

Please use this link to sign up for participation:

The webinar digital platform used will be Zoom, which can be accessed by various equipments including pc, cell phone and/or tablets. Please let me know if you have any questions related to participation, the platform or the webinar.

We do hope to see many of you attending this event, and please feel free to forward this invitation to other potential participants and members of our NIG.

Solfrid Bratland Sanda, PhD, Leader of NIG ED, sport and exercise